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Lancaster Marketplace Standholder Spotlight on Empanada Gourmet

This month we did a Question and Answer with Ivanna, one of the owners from Empanada Gourmet for you to learn more about their company and background. This is a window into their personal story and what makes their stand at Lancaster Marketplace unique!

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Empanada Gourmet Spotlight Interview:

What is important for someone to know about your business today?

Empanada gourmet is owned by mother and daughter team, Nury and Ivanna. We were both born in Uruguay and came to the states around 20 years ago. What we offer at our stand is the food you will find in most bakeries in Uruguay.  We cook the same way our Grandmothers did and use the best ingredients possible. We buy organic whenever available and use low fat, grass-fed beef when making our beef empanadas. For our chicken, we only use white meat. We make the dough by hand and bake them to perfection. These are the same empanadas we feed our family, made completely from scratch and as healthy as possible!

What's your business story? How the business started and has come to this point?

The idea of having a business was born a long time ago. We both have always had a passion for cooking and after living apart for over 10 years this was something we always wanted to do; cook together! 


Nury has been cooking her whole life and after going to school and becoming a chef we decided it was best to start a business, Ivanna's previous business managing experience made everything much easier. Alex is also a very important part of our team, Nury's only son, he has the same passion for cooking and baking we have. 

What's the background story that got Empanada Gourmet to this point?

We both have been cooking for our families since we were young. We are both moms and providing healthy wholesome meals for our family is an important part of our culture. When we decided to open Empanada Gourmet we wanted to bring something better, something that was healthier than the deep-fried empanada.  We want our customers to feel good about bringing our empanadas home to their families. 

Is there anything unique about your background or products that you want to share?


Most of our customers are surprised to hear that our empanadas are baked. We make our dough by hand daily and make all of our pastries from scratch at the marketplace. You will not find Uruguayan food anywhere else in Lancaster!

What else do you want to share about the business or your team?

We offer so much more than empanadas! When you visit our stand you will find a variety of Uruguayan authentic foods, including spinach pie, ricotta pie, brioche bread, homestyle rice pudding and so much more!

There are so many new and exciting things coming! We are constantly working on new empanada flavors and pastries. We have added over 10 different kinds of empanadas since our opening in April and will continue to add more in the future. We can't wait to share with everyone! 


Visit Empanada Gourmet in the Lancaster Marketplace for great empanadas, treats, and more!

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