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Lancaster Marketplace Standholder Spotlight on Christina Maser Co.

This month we did a Question and Answer with Christina Maser Co. for you to learn more about their company and background. This is a window into their story and what makes their stand at Lancaster Marketplace unique!

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Christina Maser Co. Spotlight Interview:

What is important for someone to know about your business today?

We are a small company with a far reach! 

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Our candles are approved in two regions of Whole Foods Market. That means that Christina Maser Co. candles can be purchased in 8 states! 

Our team is all female and we are very proud of that!

What's your business story? How the business started and has come to this point?

Christian Maser Co. started in the basement of Gretchen's (Christina’s first name) house in the early ’90s. Gretchen Christina Maser!

With three small children and the drive to work, this landed her with making jam, a food that her children would eat! The rest is, as they say, “history”!

What's the background story that got Christina Maser Co. to this point?

Gretchen is a proclaimed foodie that has 2 Good Food award-winning products.

  • 2016 Red Raspberry Shrub

  • 2018 Jim’s Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

She is the grandmother to two amazing young ladies; Kaydence age 8, and Irie age 5 months.

Is there anything unique about your background or products that you want to share?

nicokam_170119_8397_gretchen_final (1).jpeg

Christina Maser Co. will not produce anything that Gretchen does not like. That means a scent or a flavor….nothing!!!

She must like it for it to earn the company name and we pride ourselves on being artisanal in every way. You will not find a grape jam on our shelf or a candle that is scented “fresh linen”.

What else do you want to share about the business or your team?

We are offering a new candle vessel for the upcoming Holidays. We are excited about this as new scents from CMC do not happen that often. The reason that new scents do not come along everyday is that we must test each and every scent as the science behind making a candle is grand.

Each scent has to work perfectly with the wax and the wick. We call it a perfect marriage; as the wick must burn at the right rate and the scent must have the proper “throw” and the two together must offer a candle that burns perfectly.

Visit Christina Maser Co. in the Lancaster Marketplace for fine products made from all natural ingredients.  From shrubs and jams to soaps, candles, and laundry detergent, there are edible items, household products, and many unique gift items all ready and waiting for you!

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