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Lancaster Marketplace Standholder Spotlight: Harvest Lane Farm

Lancaster Marketplace Standholder Spotlight: Harvest Lane Farm

This month we did a Question and Answer with Kris Bucher from Harvest Lane Farm for you to learn more about their company and background. This is a window into their story and what makes them unique!

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Harvest Lane Farm Spotlight Interview:

What is important for someone to know about your business today?


We are a small family owned business that has always been passionate for producing the best tasting fruits and vegetables possible. We farm first for our families and want to share the best of the land with our neighbors.  We believe that the earth belongs to the Lord (Psalm 24) and as a result we strive to take care of the land in a productive and sustainable matter.

What's your business story? How the business started and has come to this point.

We are a third generation farm that started in the 1950s by Jacob Stahl.  The main crop in those days was tomatoes which were all grown for the wholesale market. As the surrounding land in the Lititz area became increasing developed.  Joe Stahl (second generation) saw an opportunity for direct retail to customers right off the farm. The business grew from an umbrella and a card table, to a shed, to a shed with two large tents, to the 2000 sq foot indoor retail market that we currently have on East Oregon Road as well as our recent expansion into the Lancaster Marketplace.

What's the background story that got Harvest Lane Farm to this point?

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I am part of the third generation through marriage to one of Joe's daughter, Rachel, but I started working here before getting married.  I have simply had an ongoing passion for good fruits and vegetables. 

We all know that Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, and my sincerely held belief is that people do not eat enough because they do not taste good.  Fruits and vegetables do not taste good because they are often picked under-ripe and shipped 1000's of miles. My passion is for helping people have the best possible experience with their fruits and vegetables.  This is the number one reason I have stayed a part of the family business.   

I can not imagine a product that I would rather sell to people than what we sell.  Safe, delicious, high in nutrition fruits and vegetables.

Is there anything unique about the Harvest Lane Farm background or products that you want to share?


We put a lot of energy into growing the best, most flavorful produce. The tomato is the best example I can use to illustrate why we put so much energy into what we do. A lot of people are frustrated with hard, tasteless tomatoes. We choose tomato varieties that are softer and more flavorful. They produce much less than supermarket varieties, but we prize high quality taste over quantity. The good thing is because they taste so much better than other tomatoes, you want to eat more of them, and research consistently shows the more you eat of such things as tomatoes, the healthier you will be. And since ours are picked ripe, they also contain much more nutrition than other tomatoes. 

This same principle holds true for everything else we do like with our strawberries, peaches, watermelons, cantaloupes that we grow.  They taste good, and they are good for you because they are picked at peak ripeness. 

One other part of our farm that we are very happy with is our hydroponic lettuce greenhouse that allows us to retail fresh picked lettuce every day of the year. 

What else do you want to share about the business or your team?

Talk to us if you want to enjoy your fruits and vegetables.  Ask us about what we do. We will love to chat with you about what goes into this process called farming!

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