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Lancaster Marketplace Standholder Spotlight: Miesse Candies

It is time for our 2nd Standholder Spotlight. Last time showcased the Lancaster Stroopie Co. This month, we did a Question and Answer with Tracy Artus, owner of Miesse Candies, for you to learn more about their company and background. Check back regularly for more Standholder Spotlights!

What is important for someone to know about Miesse Candies today?


We make everything on site at our downtown Lancaster location and offer factory tours (reservations in advance required) We are also one of the oldest confectionery companies in the US, established in 1875. I source everything local to ensure quality ingredients.

What's your business story? How the business started and has come to this point.  

Miesse Candies was started in a grocery store on Chestnut St. in Lancaster city.  It grew by 1878 to have its own brick and mortar at 48 N Queen St. In the beginning we had homemade ice cream, snow cones, caramels, taffy, nut chews, and marshmallows.  In the early 1900’s chocolate was added to the mix and the rest is history!

What's the background story that got Miesse Candies to this point?

I left the working world when I needed to have a knee replacement and was fortunate that I didn't have to work.  My husband and I decided for me to concentrate on recovery would be best. Months later I went into the small Miesse Shop that was in Kendig Square in Willow Street and the rest is history! I begin working in March 2010 and by Jan 2011 I bought the business.  I saw the potential in growing Miesse back to the number one candy shop it was known to be. I put a business plan in place and started going to every event I could find and handing out samples.

Is there anything unique about your background or the Miesse Candies products that you want to share?  

Our products are made just as they would have been back in the 1920s-1950s.  We make a lot by hand and have an enrobing machine that assists us with coating the candies in chocolate.  We do not have any added preservatives in our candies and the chocolate has zero preservatives. I always loved to bake but had zero experience with candy making or chocolate tempering.  It took hundreds of hours to learn the trade side by side with the confectioner at the time.

What else do you want to share about the business or your team?   

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Every person who has ever worked for me I am indebted to them.  With each employee comes a determination to help me maintain top quality assurance products and the number one customer service.   We have added to our product line not just from ideas from me or my family, but ideas from the staff at Miesse. This includes decorating, develop new products and molding and techniques.  It takes approximately 3 years to truly learn this business and I am in year 10 and continue to learn new tricks of the trade almost daily!

Visit Miesse Candies for at the Lancaster Marketplace for all your dark and milk chocolate needs!

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